Copying, scanning and printing


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Copy and print with Papercut

The printers at Sambib and Eden are connected to the printing system Papercut.
Most public printers at Lund University are connected to this system.

First, you register your Visa/Master card. Log in with your student account.
If you are not a student at Lund University, contact the library staff.

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More information about Papercut

Location of the multiprinters


  • 1st floor, computer room (204)
  • 1st floor, end of the left corridor
  • 1st floor, end of the right corridor
  • Ground floor, "Södra boksalen"
  • Ground floor, "Norra boksalen"
  • Basement, computer room (006)

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  • Eden, printing room in the lobby

You can also find Papercut printers at many departments.


E-mail:info [at] sambib [dot] lu [dot] se

Phone: 046-222 09 90


  • Grayscale A4: SEK 0.50 per page
  • Colour A4: SEK 1,00 per page
  • Grayscale A3: SEK 1,00 per page
  • Colour A3: SEK 2,00 per page

Detailed printing pricelist

PDF black & white print

If you want to print a colour pdf in black and white from Sambibs student computers, mark "Print in grayscale (black and white)"