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Staff at Social Science Faculty Library in Lund

We are the ones working at sambib in Lund

Mats Blomberg, Bibliotekarie

Mats Blomberg

mats [dot] blomberg [at] sambib [dot] lu [dot] se

046-222 09 91

Maja Carlson, Librarian

Maja Carlson

maja [dot] carlson [at] sambib [dot] lu [dot] se

046-222 09 94

  • research service support

  • support in reference management software such as EndNote and RefWorks

  • supporting registration and publishing research publication in LUCRIS

  • subject librarian for Graduate School (including Middle Eastern Studies)

  • responsible for the subject guides International Master's Programmes

Ellen Fall, Librarian

Ellen Fall

ellen [dot] fall [at] sambib [dot] lu [dot] se

On leave of absence

Marianne Hansson, Librarian

Marianne Hansson

marianne [dot] hansson [at] sambib [dot] lu [dot] se

046-222 09 93

  • primary responsible for interlibrary loans

  • acquisitions, cataloging and collections

  • distance students loans

Linnéa Jeschke, Librarian

Linnéa Jeschke

linnea [dot] jeschke [at] sambib [dot] lu [dot] se

046- 222 15 80

  • acquisitions, cataloging and collections

Gabriella Johansson, Librarian

Gabriella Johansson

gabriella [dot] johansson [at] sambib [dot] lu [dot] se

046-222 09 95

  • primary responsible for questions regarding loans and front desk services

  • contact librarian for students with reading disabilities

  • web-publicist at

Karin Jönsson, Library manager

Karin Jönsson

karin [dot] jonsson [at] sambib [dot] lu [dot] se

046-222 09 92

  • Library manager, Social Sciences Faculty Library

Linda Leveau, Librarian

Linda Leveau

linda [dot] leveau [at] sambib [dot] lu [dot] se

046-222 09 96

  • primary responsiblity acquisitions, cataloging and collections

  • films for education

Maria Lindenmo, Librarian

Maria Lindenmo

maria [dot] lindenmo [at] sambib [dot] lu [dot] se

046-222 01 08

  • subject librarian for School of Social Work

  • safety representive

  • periodicals librarian

  • responsible for the subject guides Socialt arbete & Social Work

Lars-Johan Lyttkens Lindén, Librarian


lars-johan [dot] lyttkens_linden [at] sambib [dot] lu [dot] se

046-222 09 93

Adam Turic, Librarian


adam [dot] turic [at] sambib [dot] lu [dot] se

046-222 07 22

Mikael Törner, Librarian

Mikael Törner

mikael [dot] torner [at] sambib [dot] lu [dot] se

046-222 09 97

Fredrik Vanek, Librarian / Digital Learning Adviser

Fredrik Vanek

fredrik [dot] vanek [at] sambib [dot] lu [dot] se

046-222 09 98

Ann-Sofie Zettergren, Librarian

Ann-Sofie Zettergren

ann-sofie [dot] zettergren [at] sambib [dot] lu [dot] se

046-222 16 92

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