How and where can I get hold of Lund University’s e-books?

Finding e-books

The easiest way to find e-books is in LUBsearch or in ePublications. With some delay, they are also searchable in LUBcat and Libris.

LUBsearch - discovery system for printed and electronic resources

ePublications - search here for e-book or e-journal titles

Borrowing e-books

Most e-books can be downloaded and it is also usually possible to print some pages. To be able to read an e-book off campus, you need to log in with your student or LU account.

The conditions for e-book loans vary and are governed by the publishing house that produced the book.

You can find the publishers' conditions and loan periods here

Here your find the University’s guide to e-books and electronic resources


For help with how to use e-books, contact Sambib.