Library support services for students

The library manages information resources, databases and collections which can hopefully cover your needs, and also offers interlibrary loans where necessary. We also offer courses and support in reference management and reference management software such as RefWorks, as well as support regarding our archive of student papers in LUP Student Papers.


Circulation desk, Photo: Johan Bävman

Read more about our support and services specifically for students studying at the Faculty of Social Sciences on the following pages:

Writing and referencing

We offer courses and support on topics including the reference management software RefWorks.

Reference management software: RefWorks

Publishing in LUP Student Papers

Lund University Publications Student Papers is Lund University’s institutional archive for the registration of our students’ papers. Library staff offer support and are happy to answer your questions!

LUP Student Papers

Subject guides

Do you want to check what resources are relevant to your particular subject, or find out about new subjects? Check our subject guides for tips and advice on how and where to look for information.

Subject guides 

Reading and writing support

We have collecte information about our support for you who have dyslexia, visual impairment or other reading or writing disabilities.

Reading and Writing support