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Before the Project

To contemplate how data should be managed early on, can save a lot of time and make the research process go smoother.
  • Data Management Plan (DMP) will help you structure your thoughts regarding data management issues and the costs involved.
  • How will you structure your data? How will you deal with versioning? Is there any specific software or tools that you will need, or that could facilitate your work during your project?
  • Is there already data available that you can use for the whole, or parts of your project? This could include data that is collected/created by other researchers or open data from the public sector.
  • How will you store the data during the project? Will the project generate sensitive data, such as personal data, that will require extra consideration?
  • Try to estimate the costs involved, including software, storage, etc. Many of these costs can be included as part of project budget
  • In collaborative projects, how will you share the data during the project?
  • If you're applying for funding, check if the funder have specific requirements regarding the data, such as an DMP, and think about how these can be met.
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